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I studied illustration and graphic design at Ringling College of Art and Design where I received a BA degree, and scientific illustration at the School of the Art Institution of Chicago. I currently live in Simpsonville, SC with my dogs Loki and Bisbee and a cat, Remi.


I've been a freelance artist for over 30 years creating educational materials for children, illustrating children's books, puzzles, games, and other learning activities. I've also been a sign artist at Trader Joe's for the past 10 years.

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Bear - kindergarten

Tiger - kindergarten

I have been an artist nearly all my entire life! I began drawing at the age of two when my dad showed me how to draw Mickey Mouse by using circles, and I've never stopped! In kindergarten my tiger drawing was selected for the annual art show. 

tempo oliver otter.jpeg
oliver otter cell art.jpeg

From 1979 - 1983 I worked at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Phoenix, AZ creating communication pieces for employees and patients. One of my projects was to design a mascot for water safety along with other promotional items. Oliver Otter became a hit and was credited with saving many children from drowning. 


I worked at Hallmark Cards in the Hallmark Properties division where I developed ideas for toys. These sketches are an example of concept development for a project I called "Tea Cozies."


This drawing was part of an artist character book created as guidelines for other artists to use in the development of "Jammie Pies".

turtle poppers baseball.jpeg
turtle popper football.jpeg

Concept called "Turtle Poppers". 

Deep in the Desert.jpg

I love bringing a story to life through my illustrations. These are three of my favorite books. Over the years I have illustrated over 30 children's books for the educational and trade markets.

To see more, go to BOOKS. 



  • Quack & Company, Inc.

  • National Wildlife Federation

    • Ranger Rick

    • Your Big Back Yard

    • Wild Animal Baby

  • Steiner Korea

  • Dalmatian Press

  • Frank Schaffer Publications

  • Scholastic Ltd.

  • English Education Curriculum Inter. Inc.

  • Highlights for Children

  • Compass Media

  • EveryDay Games LLC

  • Great American Puzzle Factory

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  • The United Methodist Publishing House

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  • Sunday School Publishing Board

  • Mennonite Publishing Network

  • Lifeway Church Resources

  • Bob Jones University Press

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Highlights for Children: Hidden Pictures
Frank Schaffer Publications
Frank Schaffer Publications
Kindermusik International

Frank Schaffer Publications

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In addition to my freelance work, I've been working for Trader Joe's as a sign artist for the past 10 years. Each store is responsible for their own graphics and they're always changing to reflect new promotions.  

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